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Drowing in Data? - How you can use it to improve your health service

The amount of data in healthcare is increasing at an astonishing rate; it is understandable some healthcare practitioners and staff become overwhelmed when considering how to manage data to improve the quality of care of their patients. What data is needed to improve patient outcomes? How can health facilities work smarter and more efficiently with data? What is the most cost-effective way to data cleanse? In this session Associate Professor Christopher Pearce and Brendon Wickham and will answer these questions and more, providing an overview of what is currently occurring in the healthcare informatics space along with practical advice as to how you can use data to get the best outcome for your patients.


Brendon Wickham - Bio


Brendon Wickham is a health informatician, with a Masters in eHealth from the University of Tasmania. Brendon has held a range of roles in the digital health sphere over the past decade and is a member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia. Since May 2015 he has been responsible for leading digital health at the SEMPHN. Brendon uses his technical skills and design thinking to try and make technology work better for people experiencing the healthcare system: patients, clinicians, and administration and management staff.


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