Catherine Harrison_Catherine Harrison

Case Study - St Vincent Hospital’s experience implementing LGBTIQ Responsiveness

Learn about St Vincent Hospital mental health service’s journey to develop their workforce to deliver lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) responsive practice.

Catherine Harrison, along with Sarah Berriman, will share with you the outcomes of this project including some of the challenges along the way, in addition to specific examples which may support your practice/service to become more LGBTIQ responsive.

Catherine Harrison - BIO


Catherine Harrison is currently a mental health clinician at Prevention and Recovery Care, St Vincent’s Hospital. After working for the National Health Service, London- Catherine decided to experience life, work and the food of Melbourne.  Prior to her current role at St Vincent’s, Catherine developed valuable experience working with females with severe mental illness at Forensicare, sparking an interest in trauma informed practice. Catherine is committed to embedding client centred, innovative approaches in her practice and has a special interest in advocacy and providing best care to diverse client groups including the LGBTI+ community.


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