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Getting to Great

In a recent Commonwealth Fund Report, between 1983 & 2014, the percentage of United States physicians practicing alone fell from 41% to 17%, and this trend is also occurring across developed nations. As healthcare in the United States and many other nations shifts from volume to value-based drivers and larger health systems with more accountability, the need to engage the entire medical neighborhood in the care of patients has become increasingly essential. Care coordination, and the integration of primary care with hospital, specialty, diagnostic, pharmacy, social, behavioral, allied health and ancillary services has never been more important.   While many technologies and solutions have been offered to address system shortcomings, in many cases, such approaches have fallen short of expectations.  As we pursue the attainment of the Quadruple Aim – improving the health of populations, demonstrating cost savings, optimizing the experience and satisfaction of the care team, and delivering a better experience of patients – how can we ensure the that patients get the best out of any healthcare system? In essence, how do we move from good, where we are now, to great?

In this session, participants will:

- Understand current trends in health care delivery, including Patient-Centered Medical Homes, Health Care Homes and the medical neighbourhood.

- Understand international comparisons on health care spending and outcomes and how this impacts the Quadruple Aim.

- Be able to identify current gaps in care coordination and integration.

- Develop a framework for strategies to optimize the health care delivery system through innovation and creative, outside of the box solutions.




Connect with Nwando

Dr Nwando Olayiwola - BIO

Dr Nwando Olayiwola is a family physician, highly decorated academic and inaugural Chief Clinical Transformation Officer for RubiconMS, a leading health technology platform that improve access to specialty care for underserved patients. She is one of a very small number of physicians and women of colour bridging healthcare and health technology. Dr Olayiwola also continues to provide clinical care to patients at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital along with involvement in numerous universities and health departments.

Dr Nwando Olayiwola has contributed to primary care transformation and health systems strengthening across the United States and in Singapore, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Australia and for the European Forum for Primary Care. Dr Olayiwola is currently expert faculty for the Australian Health Care Homes initiative, launched by the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) in 2016.

Having been named one of America’s Top Family Doctors by the Consumer Research Council of America annually since 2007, along with unmentionable number of outstanding achievements in her field, Nwando has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge to share with delegates throughout of conference pre-workshop sessions and opening plenary.


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