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Social media workshop - how to use digital marketing to reach your community and attract and retain patients


As the healthcare industry experiences a dramatic shift towards digital technology, patients are relying heavily on digital sources for healthcare information. This is opening up enormous opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn about their patient audiences, build trust and confidence, showcase their skill-set and motivate their behaviour based on a strategic digital marketing approach. Digital marketing is an inexpensive way to surpass the boundaries of traditional marketing and reach your ideal patient.

You should attend if you’d like to learn:

  • Online marketing trends and new opportunities to reach the digital patient,
  • How to ethically use digital marketing (content, social media, Google search, blogs and your website) to attract and retain patients,
  • Digital marketing and staying compliant both with AHPRA and developing a social media policy; and
  • How to set up, use and grow your patient numbers through Facebook advertising.

Walk away with the knowledge and confidence to market your practice online.




Connect with Ellie

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Ellie Bakker is the Marketing Director at Splice Marketing - an agency specialising in healthcare marketing.

She has supported medical and healthcare professionals for a number of years and has seen many of the same frustrations healthcare professionals face when it comes to marketing and industry regulations. With her blend of strategic, analytical and creative thinking, expertise in marketing and her knowledge of the online patient journey, she has discovered some of the most profitable and successful ways to put healthcare professionals in front of their patients.

Make sure you and your team can join us!