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Plenary: Conductor In Life


Jonathon Welch AM will take you on his journey through development of the School of Hard Knocks and other community-centred initiatives. Jonathon embraces his own hardships and explains how he has used this to help and influence those less fortunate in a heart-felt and touching success story. Welch will evoke emotion while he is joined by the Choir whose voices will fill the room with the sound of positivity, relentlessness and inspiration.




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Jonathon Welch - BIO


Jonathon Welch AM is a multi-award winning singer, conductor, teacher, songwriter and recording artist with a career spanning over thirty years. Jonathon has over sixty stage roles to his credit and has performed extensively in Opera, musicals, G&S and in concert alongside many of the world’s greatest singers, directors and conductors including k.d. Lang, Baz Lurhmann, and Richard Bonynge to name a few.

In 2007, Jonathon’s work creating choirs for the homeless and disadvantaged in Australia was the subject of the internationally acclaimed ARIA, Logie and Helpmann award winning TV documentary ‘Choir of Hard Knocks’.

In 2009 Jonathon created and launched ‘Social Inclusion Week’ making Australia the only country in the world to celebrate Social Inclusion nationally, and in September 2012 launched his vision for the future of arts, cultural and wellbeing programs and training for those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage with the ‘School of Hard Knocks Institute’.

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