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Choir of Hard Knocks

Our final plenary session is heartfelt and guaranteed to move and inspire you!

Levi McGrath, Assistant Music Director and the Aria, Logie and Helpmann Award winning Choir of Hard Knocks will take centre stage, sharing their stories of hardship and hope experienced by their members who have faced homelessness, addiction and mental illness.

It certainly takes a special type of person to dedicate their life to the happiness of others. Having worked with former Ugandan child soldiers and on home soil with Australia's homeless community, Levi is committed to sharing the global language of music to create positive change and social justice for those who been marginalised.

Levi and the Choir of Hard Knocks will inspire us with heartfelt stories of truth, simple acts of kindness that can really make a difference in the lives of others, the incredible power of music and its ability to bring a smile to our faces while creating a sense of connection among us all.




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Levi McGrath is the Assistant Music Director with the School of Hard Knocks and Melbourne Street Choir Inc., committed to music and social justice. Levi draws on his experiences both overseas, with former Ugandan child soldiers and on home soil with Australia's homeless community. His main objective is to motivate and inspire a new generation of people to stand up and make a difference! Levi will also be joined by the ARIA, Logie and Helmann award winning Choir of Hard Knocks as they perform some of their top songs.


Make sure you and your team can join us!