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Asking better questions - communications workshop for health and community services professionals

Communication typically consists of too much telling and not enough asking, which is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest inhibitors of people in our communities taking responsibility for their own decisions, health and well-being. Professional practices that do not utilise asking 'Better Questions' will not facilitate empowered interactions, resulting in others being less engaged and motivated, and more dependent upon services

By enabling health and community professionals to become more conscious of their communication the 'Better Questions' philosophy enables increased recognition of when and how to ask (the right) questions as opposed to advice giving or telling. These simple yet highly effective communication strategies facilitate people to tap into their potential and resourcefulness, leading to them to become more motivated, responsible, feeling more valued, engaged, respected and ultimately healthier people!

By attending this workshop with Lindsay you will:

  • Recognise habitual patterns of response in your conversations
  • Understand the impact of asking vs telling
  • Learn the benefits to being a Better Questioner
  • Be given practical tips and strategies that can be applied immediately for better results




Connect with Lindsay


Lindsay is the founder of Inspirational Coaching and Better Questions and is a highly regarded speaker, business woman, coach and author of eight books.

Her passion is teaching the skill of asking Better Questions to release human potential and she has developed various workshops and resources which are detailed at www.betterquestions.com.au. She has trained thousands of people in the Aged Care, Community & Health sectors to support the Wellness/Reablement approach, Self-Management and Person/Consumer Directed Care.

Lindsay holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and has appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise and been featured in numerous national publications.

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