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Implementing shared care - tips from a panel

If you are keen to learn tips on how you can effectively implement shared care within your health service, this interactive session is for you!

How can you ensure the shared care is patient centric? What are some shared care tools and resources that you can use to improve implementation of shared care? What are some practical ways to improve the flow of information across sectors to enable better communication between service providers and a seamless patient journey?

Join Maja and the other expert panel members to learn their tips for implementing shared care to improve care coordination, continuity, and patient experience.

Connect with Maja

Maja Ajdukovic - BIO


Maja Ajdukovic is an experienced pharmacist, with extensive experience in community pharmacy as a pharmacy owner, in hospital pharmacy and in advocacy as an industry leader. In her current role as Business Development Manager, Primary Health Care, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Maja’s work focuses on primary health care initiatives in community pharmacy, including health Care Homes, digital health, immunisations and PHNs, as well as working with private sector providers. She’s the Guild’s representative on Health Care Homes Evaluation Working Group and to National Aged Care Alliance and. She has collaborated extensively with stakeholders in primary care, including Medicare locals, PHNs, The Lung Foundation, Alzheimer’s SA, Asthma Foundation SA, Palliative Care SA and Diabetes SA. Maja is also undertaking studies in Masters of Health Economics and Masters of Health and Human Service Management and continues to regularly practice in community pharmacy.


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