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Business Planning and Change Management

In this session, Mark Brommeyer and Riwka Hagen will deliver a two hour practical workshop, guiding participants through the process of developing a business plan.

Business planning will provide your team with a process to identify and set goals, consider strategic and big picture approaches in your day-to-day operations. You can then monitor and review progress against your objectives, ascertain opportunities and potential risks while working together as a team to succeed.

The business planning process provides an opportunity for your team to take a step back to consider what is currently working within your organisation and what needs improving.

While relevant to all organisations, Mark and Riwka will also reference how business planning will support practice teams in meeting the relevant new RACGP 5th edition indicator requirements.





Connect with Mark

Mark Brommeyer - BIO


Mark has spent over thirty years in the health sector, with significant experience in E-Health strategy, change, training and risk management across primary, secondary and tertiary care. Mark has provided healthcare consultancy and change management services in public and private health sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, England, Ireland and Wales.

Mark has developed many Chronic Disease Management, Information Management and Population Health training programs and is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, Flinders University, where he has developed a Health Informatics course which he delivers in China, Singapore and Australia for the Master of Health Administration award, as well as lecturing in Clinical Governance and Risk Management.

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