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Mental health reform: a never ending story? What will it take to be a healthier nation?

Friday 18th May 2018

The journey of mental health reform in Australia is a long and discontinuous one. Closing the old stand alone psychiatric hospitals and moving to a community based model of mental health care has not resulted in better mental health or improved quality of life for all of those in our community with severe mental conditions. Good care for the nearly 700,000 Australians with a severe condition, remains something of a lucky dip. Too few Australians with a need for mental health care access any care and for those that do, only some gain sustained improvements and enjoy contributing lives.

Join John Mendoza to learn what can be done at a policy level, within the health and community service sectors, and at a practice or service level, to create a mentally healthier and more resilient nation.


Becoming more kind to our mind - a mental health workshop for health and community service professionals.

Saturday 19th May 2018

Health and community service workers focus everyday on caring for patients/consumers and their family or carers. The increasing complexity and acuity of many patients’/ clients’ needs, while operating in a tightening fiscal environment, places additional pressure on them. Furthermore, stressful and traumatic incidents can increase the risks of stress related disorders for health and community service workers.

This one hour workshop facilitated by John Mendoza will explore practical ways to be kind to your mind and build self-care into your daily personal and workplace life.





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John Mendoza is passionate about improving our nation’s mental health and has played a prominent role in national mental health reform since 2005.

He has held several executive positions including CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia, Chief Executive of the Australian Sports Drug Agency, Director Education and Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Service Council (SA) and Chair of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health to the Rudd Government.

John was a finalist in the inaugural Australian Mental Health Prize (2016), a recipient of a Life Achievement Award (Suicide Prevention, 2010), and was recipient of the QUT Vice Chancellor’s Innovation and Excellence Award and Health Faculty’s Outstanding Alumni (2002).

Today, he is a Director of ConNetica, a consulting firm he established in 2007 with the mission to ”Create Better Futures” and a focus on mental health and suicide prevention. John also is presently Adj. Professor in Health and Sports Science University of the Sunshine Coast and Adj. Associate Professor, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney and a Foundation Board Member of the Qld Mind and Neuroscience Institute at USC.

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