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How to become a high performing general practice or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service

This interactive workshop will incorporate mini sessions on relevant hot topics that will support practice teams and PHN Facilitators on their journey of becoming a high performing general practice or ACCHS. It will draw from the ten building blocks of the high performing primary care framework and other evidence based methods for implementing change to achieve the Quadruple Aim of health. Through these sessions, participants will gain insight, have the opportunity to ask questions and workshop ideas. This workshop will build on the AGPAL stage one Health Care Homes or Health Care Homes Readiness training, revolving around topics which include:

  • Empowering staff for new roles
  • Deep dive into high performing teams
  • Preventing burnout amidst a sea of change
  • Using data to make significant, well-informed changes during practice transformation; and
  • The shift to patient-centred care in Australian primary care practice.

Renee Blackman - BIO

Renee is a Gubbi Gubbi woman from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  She commenced work in Aboriginal Health in 1992 and has qualifications as an Aboriginal Health Worker and Registered nurse. Renee has worked in both mainstream and Aboriginal health services in urban, and remote settings.

Her qualifications, experience and curiosity have enabled her to fulfil a variety of management and leadership roles in primary health care, acute care and community health. She has a keen interest in learning and teaching with colleagues about working cross culturally and has a research interest in workforce capacity building in the Aboriginal health sector.

Renee’s current role is the Director of Health Services for the Brisbane Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service. This role enables Renee to participate in a fast paced, innovative work environment where she enjoys being part of reforming the service delivery models that improve outcomes for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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