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Beyond Acceptance - What does an LGBTI-affirmative organisation look like?

How do organisations provide equitable and affirming services, while recognising what is unique to the lives and needs of their LGBTI consumers? What does an LGBTI-inclusive organisation look and feel like? How much is enough? What challenges do organisations face to get there?

This workshop introduces and unpacks the six evidence-based, LGBTI-inclusive practice standards that underpin the Rainbow Tick Program, and what matters to LGBTI people in the provision of appropriate and effective services. Sunil will support you to look at how a great service experience and outcome is embedded in your organisation's systems and culture.

This workshop helps to develop knowledge and skills to analyse your organisation’s current systems and practice, and highlights where changes or adjustments could be made to place yourselves further along the continuum of LGBTI-inclusion.

You’ll leave this workshop with a greater insight and understanding of how to improve the service experience of your LGBTI consumers and staff, and have the skills and knowledge to implement these changes across your organisation.




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Sunil is the Manager of Training, Information and Resource Development and a founding member of GLHV (formerly Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria), La Trobe University. GLHV is a world first and assists mainstream health and human services become LGBTI-inclusive.

Sunil is responsible for the design, development and delivery of evidence-based LGBTI-inclusive practice training. He manages strategic communications of the Rainbow Tick™, and is co-author of a number of influential LGBTI research papers.

Sunil has 30 years’ experience in health and diversity and has worked in LGBTI health research, HIV, and equal opportunity service delivery both in the UK and Australia.


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